El poder del amigo


Cuándo la soledad aprieta el pecho

Hay muchos senderos que caminar

Para quedarnos libre de este sentimiento.

Aunque no sepamos donde ir,

Aunque no podamos mirar el camino,

La vida nos regala un amigo.

Un amigo es una luz, un apoyo, una respuesta.

¡Un amigo es simplemente un amigo!

Sabiamente aquello que ha encontrado un amigo

ha encontrado un mapa del tesoro.

Este mapa llevará a otro tesoro,

o sea, al encuentro con nosotros mismos.

Y esta gran descubierta nos lleva a pensar que

Un amigo es una llave que nos permite

el sabor del encuentro con gusto de

eternos reencuentros.


The friend of night

Caminhando sozinho

I like to walk at night,
I like to see how she arrives…
She arrives, gets a little and goes soon
I walk whilst she arrives and we stayed together.

But an hour everything goes…
A beautiful night, the walk and the moment.
Likewise as I find, I lose
There are few things that I retain

I like to walk at night,
For most of the time I am alone,
Or rather, me and the night,
I keep this companion.

Gifts, Friends, Things,
Hours, pictures, souvenirs,
Kisses, cuddles, emotions,
When she comes, I feel it all!

I hope a long time,
Enough to miss time
Even though it looks that there is delay
When I get scared, she goes away.

So we must seize,
Every second of the night,
Partying on the eve,
And when you’re celebrating.

In the absence all is silent,
Darkens what he felt,
It is not clear that retained,
And time … I do not remember what to expect them.